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Upcoming Workshops


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We are pleased to announce that the 14th International Particle Accelerator Conference, IPAC’23, will take place in Venice, Italy on May 7 – 12, 2023.

IPAC is the main annual event for the worldwide accelerator community and industry, with presentations of the latest results from accelerator R&D and on the progress in existing, planned and future accelerator facilities.


ICHEP is a series of international conferences organized by the C11 commission of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP). It has been held every two years for more

than 50 years, and is the reference conference of particle physics where most relevant results are presented. At ICHEP, physicists from around the world gather to share the latest advancements in particle physics, astrophysics/cosmology, and accelerator science and discuss plans for major future facilities.



The workshop will take place at the INFN-LNF, Via Enrico Fermi, 54 - Frascati (Rome, Italy) from September 12 to 15, 2022.

The INFN Frascati National Laboratories is hosting the ICFA Advanced Beam Dynamics Workshop on High Luminosity Circular e+e- Colliders (eeFACT2022).

This workshop is organized in the context and with sponsoring of the ICFA Beam Dynamics Panel and EU/IFAST funded European Network for Accelerator Performance and Concepts (APEC).

eeFACT2022 scope:
  • Reviewing and documenting the state of the art in e+e- factory design
  • Reviewing and drawing lessons from SuperKEKB phase 3 commissioning
  • Catalyzing further contributions to the SuperKEKB, FCC, CEPC & tau-charm design efforts
  • Fostering synergies and new collaborations across communities, in particular with low-emittance light sources and other colliders (muon, linear, e-ion) and between continents
  • Jointly developing novel solutions to outstanding problems






tt infn 2017
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